Monday, July 5, 2010

New gadget..


Soooo long no see huh! Well the typical reason would be "I'm busy", "bz" , "bz giler" what so ever but what's important is that I have TONNES of things needed to be settled all this while. Now that I am a bit settled down, I am pleased to announce that I would be writing again! Muahahaahhahaha macamlah orang baca sangat blog nih weh

It is the nature of my new career that requires me to have a digital camera at hand almost all the time. And the current digicam that I have (which I took from my parents and made as if it is mine all this while..Blistering Barnacles!) is too much of a big block of concrete. Hence I decided to look for (read: buy) a new one.

And the result is....





Despite my new interest in Digital Photography, particularly in the DSLR world, I decided to only buy the compact digicam this time (Well, after a rigorous 3 hours of mingling in the Low Yat to compare prices of the DSLR!!!)

Whatever the camera is damn good, with features like shock proof, water proof, temperature proof (macamlah nak amik gambar dalam peti ais!) and with Full HD Movie function as well as it is 25mm wide angle, which comes free with an accessory to widen the angle to 0.77x the normal wide angle (25mm*0.77= 19.25mm!) thing swiped off from my shopping wishlist (Oh No! aku pun dah ada wish list macam somebody in London la pulok! Blistering Barnacles!)

Next in target: ........ I'll leave it to you to guess! Muahahaaha

Blistering Barnacles

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gergasi Mengganas


My brother came to our house from Kuantan during the recent CNY long holidays. This is the first time he is here although I am already here almost 2 years. Nevermind that..

As usual, the kids get along with each other very fast. Aiman, as usual, will test any new kids that come to our house, and looks like Husna and Irfan (of my brother's) passed with flying colours! (I will tell you what type of tests he usually did in another posting.. Nanti kang takdak citer nak tulis kat sini..)

And as usual, when 3 kids were together and there's a bucketfull of toys to be played with, things will go as if........ Ermm, just look at the pictures below to best describe the situations..

Irfan showing his "Gergasi Turun Dari Langit" style

Here comes the reinforcement! (Errrm, with the adik crying...)


And here are the final results

2 gergasi sedang asyik memusnahkan dunia

2 gergasi fighting each other to get hold of a tiny lorry...

On the night of arrival, we went out to the super crowded Danga Bay for sightseeing and also the famous round-the-park train trip. Aiman as usual, really2 eager to hop on the train although I believe he has been riding the train for not less than 20 times! Well, this is only one of the good things you can enjoy in JB!!

We didnt get to go to many places the next day due to the fact that JB itself is not for tourists (nowhere to go, nothing to show!) and also that there was a power failure to my house on the night they arrived and the TNB folks took a whopping 3 hours from 3.00am to 6.00am to settle the problem, leaving us being the "natural mechanical" fan to ensure that the kids slept well. That, along with the rigorous playing of the newly-bought Wii, churks out our every bit of energy.

We stayed at home for the rest of the day and only went out after Asar Prayers that day. We went sightseeing around JB where my brother fully utilized his DSLR to snap pictures around, and finally went for our dinner at Senibong Seafood corner

3 Happy chaps after the dinner, tengah tengok ketam

Before going back on the 3rd day, the kids sempat lagi layan mandi kolam kat rumah 2 round

It may not be a very entertaining holidays for Yong's family but as we know, there are very little places of interests in JB! Next planned trip with Yong: To Singapore!

Blistering Barnacles

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sudah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga...


There's an incident that happened to me last year of which I forgot to list it in my list of events .... Jeng jeng jeng!

It was about 730pm and we have just arrived home from our Tesco Shopping routine. Hurrying to perform our Maghrib prayers, I saw that the house was completely dark --> There's a power failure / blackout. I went inside and then the house alarm went crazy. I know this may be due to lightning that struck the system..

Being the so-called all-time technical guy with some Mc Gyver thoughts, I quickly grabbed the ladder and climbed to cut down the power to the system. The siren of the alarm has been whizzing crazily with no mercy hence that creates tense inside me to quickly settle the job. Takut jiran-jiran marah sebab bising time Maghrib..

Whilst doing the job in a hurry, with minimal lights available, I slipped and fell, and the ladder fell straight on my head (Which is a clear-cut Sudah Jatuh Ditimpa Tangga Saying) - With my son being the eyewitness, he was on his way upstairs, and was only about 20cms away from the falling ladder! He was in shock / trauma for the next 3-4 days! When he sees ladders, he will say "Look! This is the ladder that Papa fell! Kesian Papa"..Huhuhu

After the long rigorous X-Ray Process, they found a hairline fracture on my left Calcaeneum and Tibia, and have my left foot being "semi-casted", and me being highly dependent on ibuprofein for the next 5 days and crutches for the next 2 weeks!

However despite my injury, I still managed to go for Ina's wedding in Segamat!

The Only picture of mine with my casted leg and crutches. The chap in green t-shirt has always been following me everywhere I go "to look after Papa" tapi sebenarnya sebab nak main my crutches!.. Special thanks to him! hehehehe

Till present I still feel the pain especially at the tibia after a long process of standing. I am considering to undergo a, anticipatedly-painfull process of mengurut with one of the Chinese Tabib in Tampoi... Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me


It was nearly 2 months ago that I turned 28. It was part of my 2-weeks-waiting-for-baby-delivery holiday that time hence I was able to somewhat celebrate it with my family.

Well, we had not have the budget nor the time to make a big celebration or doa selamat. Everything (especially budget) was cut down and under strict control that time to standby for wifey's delivery. We prepare for the worse.The worst case scenario would be having to undergo c-sect which will surely costs us a fortune as we insist on having the delivery at the specialist hospital for the better services compared to govt hospitals (no offence!).

Well, with limited budget we still managed to "organize" a very simple celebration--> by cooking at home! Muahahaha (Nampak sangat selama ni very rarely cooked at home, sampai cook at home pun boleh diingati sebagai suatu celebration!!! Blistering Barnacles!)

Well, this is the "victim""

I bought this lobster in Labuan for a whopping RM50 per kilo, of which most of my friends said is CHEAP (Blistering barnacles!). It may be true as they said the price for a kilo in Peninsular would be not less than RM100! Whatever!

I cooked the lobster, wifey prepares the gravvy and whoila, here's the end result:

Home Made Black Pepper Lobster! The taste? Rasa sebijik macam lobster! Muahahaha


Ermmm... mind me, the REAL end result is:

My all-time faithful Chef de Partie preparing his secret recipe for 'Baking A cake for Papa"

However this lobster is none compared to the ones I had in The States last time during the Maine Lobster Festival. It was a hell of a festival where they brought in drums after drums of lobsters to be given FREE to everybody! And there are tonnes of leftovers where people dont bother, they throw it away! What a waste. If I'm the owner of Air Asia I would fill up my fleets with these lobsters and bring it home and sell it for a whopping RM100 and gets richer and richer! (Well maybe if I really am the owner of Air Asia, I wouldnt be bother of selling this piece of crap where I can make billions through the "Everybody Can Fly" Campaign...Blistering Barnacles! What am I talking???)

All in all, million thanks to well wishers and special thanks to wifey and son for the best birthday celebration ever in my life! Honestly!

Blistering Barnacles

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being a Father of 2...


After an enormous demand of me uploading my newborn's pics, here they are, with some minimal explanations...

As a start, this picture may best describe every single details of my baby.Date, time, weight etc all stated there so make sure minimal questions are asked. Maleh nak layan soalan banyak2 The name? Stay tuned...

Baby Akif after 3 hours of delivery. Many a friend said he is more handsome than his brother Aiman. Well, I did notice that but the definite thing is, he is less handsome than his father! Muahahahaahah

1 happy chap after almost 2 hours of rigorous baby delivery process struggle...

Another happy chap after his rigorous struggle mencari jalan keluar

Baby Akif upon arriving at his grandparents' house for the pantang period...

Looks a bit tension with flashes jolting to his eyes like it will never end....

Akif at 1 month's old... The picture is a bit blurred due to the facts that it was taken by my PDA's so-called-3.2MP camera-that-sucks and that the subject can't stop moving...

Close up using my blurred camera.. Notice the big bump on his cheek due to the enormous amount of mosquitoes at his grandparents' place

Last pic: Full-body shot using the blurred camera

Well, that's it. Let's all pray that my newborn will be a Soleh useful (anak yang soleh dan berguna - direct translations though!) guy, although not as handsome as his father...heheheheh

By the way, the full name is Wan Akif Ajwad bin Wan Ahmad Syahrizan Rozli

Blistering Barnacles

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ayat 1000 Dinar

Good Day everyone!

Harini hamba mahu share 1 perkara yang hamba amalkan. Amalan ini dinamakan Ayat 1000 Dinar. Hamba start amalkan ayat ini sejak Tingkatan 3, dan setakatni Alhamdulillah banyak dapat manfaat.


“Barangsiapa bertakwa kepada Allah, nescaya Dia akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar.
Dan memberi rezeki kepadanya tanpa di sangka-sangka.
Dan barangsiapa yang bertawakal kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan mencukupkannya.
Sesungguhnya Allah melaksanakan urusan yang dikehendakiNya.
Sesungguhnya Allah telah mengadakan ketentuan bagi tiap-tiap sesuatu.”
At-Thalaq: 2-3

Bagaimana mengamalkan ayat ini? Hama perturunkan apa yang hamba belajar dari guru hamba masa muda2 dulu:

1) Untuk permulaan sebagai jazam ayat, bacakan ayat ini 41X selama 21 hari (yang ni hamba banyak "ngelat" dulu, kejap baca kejap tak baca...huhuhuhu)
2) Lepas Solat subuh setiap hari bacakan ayat ini 3X
3) Sebelum tidur malam bacakan ayat ini 3X sambil berdoa mengucapkan syukur di atas segala nikmat yang tak terhingga yang Allah kurniakan pada hari tersebut
4) Setiap kali dalam kesusahan, bacakan ayat ini sebanyak mungkin

Hamba dari dulu sampai sekarang, setiap kali ada kesusahan hamba akan baca ayat ini berulang2 kali. Kadang2 kalau takde parking kat mall pun hamba baca (terutama dulu time duk KL selalu sangat suka gi MidValley time peak hours, takde parking!)...

Setakatni Alhamdulillah banyak dapat kemudahan dengan baca ayat ni. Walaupun penyelesaian tak seperti yang kita harapkan/mintak tapi memang Allah sediakan jalan keluar. Even kadang2 kalau takde jalan keluar time tu pun, Allah akan kurniakan ketenangan hati, tak jadi terlalu tertekan. Yang penting masa baca tu, minta sungguh2 dengan Allah.

Cuma akhirnya, Guru hamba pesan, jangan langsung percaya bahawa ayat ini yang berikan apa2 yang kita mintak. Yang bagi adalah Allah, ayat cuma salah satu cara nak "bodek" Allah supaya Allah berikan apa yang kita pohon, supaya Allah sediakan jalan keluar di atas segala permasalahan kita. InshaAllah.....

Blistering Barnacles

Sunday, January 17, 2010

After 1 Year

Yes! I am Back! Blistering Barnacles is back!!!!

The last posting recorded here was on Jan 5th 2009 so it is officially 382 days since I last put my thoughts on this blog! There goes to the trash my "Azam Tahun 2009" on "to frequently update my blog"....

Yes, 2009 has been an awfully ***** (Unable to describe with words!) adventurous year for me.. Among others, things that happened to me are (erm..they may not be in chronological orders. Too many bittersweet things that me myself couldnt afford to remember!):

1) Most of (ALL to be exact) the offer I got (as per discussed here) were down to the drain. Most of which are due to economic reasons. The most sadistic part is the offer with one of the companies I got in Pasir Gudang. They were in the brisk of preparing my offer letter when out of the blue the management wisely decides to re-structure the company, leaving me behind with nothing! And months after months with promises after promises, I found a dead end in joining the chap....

2) I became a "full time" Perawat Islam after getting my so-called "2nd degree", until 1 big case that I handled (A sihir) case, where the penyihir eventually puts a grudge against me and started to kacau me and the family. I then stopped until further notice!

3) I took up a few exams in hope of gaining the Malaysia Insurance Federation's Scholarship / Fellowships to enter HBS but ended up being an insurance agent. ALthough the income is quite impressive but it still doesnt give me the "umpph" in life.

4) I became a freelance consultant for ISO13485 (Medical Devices) and ISO 14001 implementation, without wifey's knowings. Managed to bag quite a sum but stopped after 1 project.

5) I also took up some motivational talks/projects for primary school students. Also managed to bag quite a sum and is still with the business till now!

6) I also worked at kedai mamak, also without wifey's knowings for some time. Well i was desperate to get money to pay for my bills, cars etc so the best way is to work at a kedai mamak ler! Work As what? Dont ask!!!!!

7) My father was admitted to the IJN for having complications with his heart. After the coronary bypass surgery he still needs a whopping 2 months in the ward for recovery due to his diabetic problems.

8) I finally took up the Safety and Health Officer course under the Train and Place Programme (for retrenched workers)...Siap dapat elaun monthly RM800! (Well, at this point of time, I really value the RM800 monthly that I earned.. It's not enough by logic but I really2 feel it!)

9) After the course I did my training at Sime Darby Engineering for 6 weeks then flew to Labuan for a contracts- basis job in Labuan for 3 months, with wifey 8 months pregnant!

10) I came back in early December in preparation for wifey's delivery. Waited for nearly 2 weeks but wifey still tak beranak so with deep regret I flew back to Labuan....

11) 1 day before my flight I received a call from a company in Tanjung Langsat for the Safety Officer Post. I went for the interview just before boarding the bus to KL for my flight, got the news the next day that I got the job!

12) 1 day before the interview I got another good news: I passed all examinations for the Safety and Health Officer Course, so on paper I am eligible to register as a competent Safety Practitioner and register with the Dept of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH)! Alhamdulillah!

13) I made a bold decision as to quit my job in Labuan and get back home to be with my wife for her delivery. I got back just on time, she delivers just 1 day after I arrived! On 22 December 2009 at 341 am, my second baby boy was born...So for the first time I witnessed a real-time agony of a baby delivery process! Honestly it keeps popping to my head for the next 2 weeks! This is my first time as during delivery of my first baby I was not able to be with wifey in the delivery room.. Seeing how my wife bears the pain and agony in delivering a baby gave me such a deep relieve that I was born to be a man! Hahahahaha

14) I have closed down my Jukebox Shoe business due to low income. Now fighting to get back my money from the franchisor

15) Alhamdulillah even with financial uncertainties I managed to get the bank loan to buy a 2-storey shophouse in Pasir Gudang which will be ready by early Feb. Hopefully when it is completed and tenants coming in, I can regain back my financial freedom, of which I have lost for almost 1 year!

15) I started my new permanent job (1st permanent job in 1 year!) on the 7th January 2010...

Seeing all the odds I've been through for the last 1 year really gave me the kind of feeling.. Life is really full of ups and downs. And these ups and downs are the best university in life. It educates you, gives you a punch in your face, hugs you and other 1 million things, you name it!

Hopefully 2010 will be a more fruitful and less eventful year for me. I must rebuild my life which literally needs to be rebuilt from scratches, regain financial strength, and strive forward to achieve my goal as to perform Hajj at the age of 30, which is only 2 years away!

Wish me luck

Blistering Barnacles

Monday, January 5, 2009

Can I See it??

Ramai orang tanya aku...

"Ko dah boleh tengok jin ke?"

"Weh, berani ko belajar ilmu camtu, tak seram ke tengok jin?"

"Nanti jangan lupa ajar aku ayat untuk aku nampak jin"

Aku jawab:

Ilmu yang diajar di AKRINE TIDAK SAMA SEKALI mengajar macamana nak tengok jin. Tok Guru aku kata dia tak pernah dengar ada ayat yang membolehkan seseorang tengok jin. Malah, kebanyakan Perawat Islam (yang guna kaedah Islam) TIDAK BOLEH tengok jin.

Tok guru aku ckp, hanya ada beberapa keadaan aje yang membolehkan seseorang itu tengok/nampak jin:

1) Orang2 alim yang dikurniakan kelebihan oleh Allah SWT. cth: Kashaf, Karamah. Ada org ckp Tn Guru Haron Din ada kashaf tapi itu tidak boleh dipastikan dengan tepat, hatta jika tanya kepada murid2 yang rapat kepada beliau.

2) Orang2 biasa yang bersaka. Ada sesetengah jin saka yang diberi kelebihan oleh Allah, sehingga pemilik2nya boleh nampak / tengok jin

3) Lintasan2 hati yang diberikan oleh Allah kepada orang2 yang dipilihNya. Lintasan ni mungkin tak bermakna nampak secara fizikal, tetapi lebih kepada firasat dan bayang2 dalam kepala. Wallahu a'lam

4) Apabila jin tersebut sendiri memunculkan diri, dengan izin Allah.. Cth: jelmaan dlm bentuk hantu, toyol, pelesit, dan juga jelmaan dalam bentuk binatang2 seperti harimau, monyet etc. Tapi tok guru aku cakap. time2 macamtu ler jin berada dalam keadaan paling lemah...

5) Orang yang menggunakan cara salah seperti puja sesuatu, sehingga menyebabkan dia mempunyai ikatan secara maya (mutual contract) dengan jin, sehingga mungkin jin tersebut membantunya melihat dunia jin. Tetapi ini juga hanya berlaku dengan izin Allah..

Apa pun semuanya berlaku dengan kehendak Allah....

Yang penting, apa yang kami belajar adalah Mendalami ayat2 Al-Quran dan Kaedah2 Sunnah untuk menghadapi Jin-jin Jahat yang mengganggu manusia. MENGHADAPI dalam konteks bukan sahaja untuk memerangi tetapi lebih kepada dakwah dan tanzir...

Apa pon korang cube ler tengok gambar di bawah. Kalau nampak apa2, cepat2ler bawak jumpa Perawat Islam (jangan jumpa bomoh, nanti lagi teruk kang naya!)

Amacam? Nampak apa2 tak? Hehehehe


I'm Connected!!


After a long agonizing wait for almost 2 weeks, I finally have got everythinng sorted out and now have a full internet connection at the comfy of my living room, and essentially everywhere!

Thanks to Celcom Broadband....

I have got my free celcom broadband modem only yesterday.

Yeah, I know it's an old model, even a display stock! But to hell with all those! Asal boleh guna ok ler...

And some more, after making some noise to the celcom agent, she agreed to ask for a replacement with the current USB model by end of this month. Seeing the delay where she promised the modem since last 3 weeks, so I would say roughly by end of February I would be able to get the new model..

In the meantime, belasah je le! Jangan Jeles!!! Blistering Barnacles!

Next in mind is to re-schedule my daily schedule to cater for this new development..Discipline guys, discipline!!!!!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Aku berjaya di'ijazah'kan sebagai Pengamal Rawatan Islam.. Lepas beberapa bulan belajar secara jarak jauh dan dekat, dan lastly pergi kursus intensif dan ujian amali dan praktikal di Rawang, aku berjaya lulus dan diijazahkan. So boleh kira cam second degree lah ni.heheheh...

Terima kasih kepada tok guru ku, Ust Majid Hassan (bekas murid Tn Guru Dr Haron Din Darussyifa') dari Akademi Rawatan Islam Nur Ehsan kerana mengajar kami dengan penuh dedikasi dan sangat mudah difahami.

Sepanjang kursus 2 hari baruni, kitorg kena buat hands-on rawat pesakit2 yang bersaka, dan ada juga pesakit yang kena sihir datang. Ada video rawatan tu, cuma aku rasa better aku tak letak kat sini, nnt korang seram...huhu. Yang paling kesian, ada 2 org budak, usia baru 11 and 13 tahun, kena gangguan yang teruk.

Yang umur 13 tahun tu kena gangguan jin yang sangat ganas, tahu nak tibai perawat je. Sib baik Ust Majid dah ajar ilmu2 pengunci dan pukul jin. Kata ayahnya, dia kena ganggu sejak 3 tahun lalu, lepas main di tepi padang waktu maghrib. Dan dah hampir 3 tahun jugakla dia tak sekolah. Kesian betul, rasa nak nangis tengok keadaan dia...

Yg sorg lagi tu, anak org kaya, umur dlm 11 tahun, duduk di Bukit Antarabangsa, cakap org putih je memanjang. Mak ayah dia pun nampaknya org2 baik. Aku tak pasti macamana dia kena gangguan tu, tapi suara dia pun dah berubah jadi sangat garau cam suara org dewasa! Mak dia cakap, kalau time "benda" tu datang, 6 orang pegang pun tak larat... Dia kata dah buat macam2 benda dah, baca yassin, baca Al Quran, malahan anak dia pun dia ajar hafal surah2 penting tapi still tak jalan.Bila dirukyah dan masa sesi dialog dengan jin tu, dia kata dia kena kutuk dengan jin2 lain; "They said I'm Fat" (Jin gemuk kot ni?). Pastu katanya nama dia Michael Jackson. Hmmmm....

Lepastu ada 3-4 org lain pesakit lain yang dewasa, ada yang kena sihir teruk sejak 2 tahun, jin adah berlapis2 dalam badan, ada yang kena sihir dengan ilmu sihir Siam (tok sami), tiba2 boleh cakap kelantan dan dok mintak nak makan babi je.huhu. Ada sorg tu org Kuala Terengganu, Pasir Panjang. datang all the way to Rawang utk berubat. Nampak gaya org kaya, org bisnes. Tapi kena sihir dengan kawan seperniagaan...

Bila aku tengok pesakit2 yg datang, jadi rasa kesian yang amat sangat. kebanyakan kena sihir sebab bisnes, atau kena sihir dek kawan/family sendiri. Memang sangat2 kesian! Sebabtu tok guru aku ckp, apa pun kita kena bantu mereka. Kalau kita tak bantu mereka mengikut cara Islam, dikhuatiri mereka jadi putus asa lantas cari kaedah2 perubatan lain yang mengarut. So boleh dikatakan jatuh FARDU KIFAYAH untuk kita tahu berkenaan rawatan Islam ini, terutama di kalangan masyarakat sekarang yang sangat2 percayakan benda2 syirik dan tahyul yang boleh menjejaskan akidah...

Hari terakhir kursus merupakan hari yang sangat meletihkan. Kami kena tarik jin ramai2 dari pesakit2. Nampak mcm mudah dan tak pakai tenaga banyak, tapi lepas buat tu terus badan jadi lesu dan sakit2. Dahle aku nak kena drive balik Johor. Kena pulak wife aku pulak accident haritu..... Nantikan cerita selanjutnya di post akan datang..hehe